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We have begun the process of creating Industry Groupings to facilitate partner and opportunity searches by activity rather than by country.
These initial 30 Groups will no doubt expand as we develop the Exporters Almanac in the future.

For each of these Industry profiles we provide:

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Handicrafts, Luxury Goods & Toys

NACE: C15; C32.1; C32.4; G46.4.8; G47.6.5; G47.7.7

SIC: 3944; 5092

Business Networks & Online Markets
Tradeworlds - Jewels
Tradeworlds - Toys and Games
Tradeworlds - Watchmaking

International Trade & Standards Organisations
Association for Creative Industries
European Association of Craft, SMEs (UEAPME)
SMEunitedis the association of crafts and SMEs in Europepe with around 70 member organisations from over 30 European countries.
European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance
Composed of five European cultural and creative industries organisations - Altagamma (Italy), Circulo Fortuny (Spain), Comité Colbert (France), Meisterkreis (Germany) and Walpole (UK)
International Art Materials Trade Association
Our mission is to provide its art/creative materials industry members with the products, services and information they need to grow and prosper.
International Council of Toy Industries
ICTI) is the industry association for the worldwide toy industry. Its membership includes national toy associations from twenty countries, each of which has its own membership made up of toy brands operating in its own geography.
International Folk Art Market
The Mission of the International Folk Art Market is to create economic opportunities for and with folk artists worldwide who celebrate and preserve folk art traditions.
International Quilt Association
IQA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art throughout the world.
International Toy Library Association
Southeast Asia Toy Association
Our mission is to provide all children with access to safe and educative toys through supporting the sustainable growth of the toy sector value chain in the region and advocating the importance of learning through play.
The Association for the Study of Play
TASP is the premier professional organization in academia dedicated to interdisciplinary research and theory construction concerning play throughout the world.
The International Toy Research Association
ITRA) is an association created for the purpose of promoting, stimulating and encouraging toy and plaything research all over the world.
The Toy Association
The Toy Association’s mission is to be a unifying force for members’ creativity, responsibility, and global success, advocating for their needs and championing the benefits of play.
Toy Industries of Europe
TIE) was founded in 1991 to represent the interests of its members to EU policymakers in Brussels and further afield.
World Against Toys Causing Harm
“Most people have no awareness of the lack of adequate mandatory pre-market safety testing of toys and children’s products in contrast to the rigid rules that exist for food and drugs.”
World Crafts Council Asia Pacific
WCC-APR forms the largest and most active part of the World Crafts Council (WCC). As it is the Daughter Organization of the Mother Organization, the World Crafts Council (WCC), it carries its traits of being a non-government with a NGO status at UNESCO.
World Crafts Council Europe
World Crafts Council North America
World Luxury Association

Industry Directories
Global Blue Brand directory
Luxuria Lifestyle
Luxury Brands Directory

Industry News
Accessories Magazine
The leading trade publication in the fashion accessories industry, serving the $40 billion accessories industry, we are the conduit between retailers and manufacturers, providing a timely, relevant and analytical editorial perspective to this rapidly changing business.
Glass International
Glass International offers readers the latest news from across the hollow, container, flat, and speciality glassmaking industry and is the official media partner for the global Glassman events. In addition to 10 English language issues per year, it is published twice a year in Chinese and once a year in Russian in order to reach non-English speaking markets.
Global Toy News
Global Toy News is The Toy Industry's Independent Voice. Global Toy News has grown to become the go-to online source for all things related to this always changing industry. As the name of our magazine suggests, we are unique in taking a global view of the toy industry, and our reader demographic definitely reflects that global view.
We help children become their best selves by publishing content and creating experiences that engage, delight, and foster joyful learning.
International Toy Magazines Association
Present time, the ITMA consists of members from Belgium, China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA.
leather & luxury
Leather & Luxury, a magazine published in Italian and English by MGA Comunicazione & Pubblicità, gives a detailed account of the leather goods sector and what revolves around this world in detail, shining the spotlight on the real protagonists of Made in Italy.
Le Grand Mag
Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Luxury Society
A trusted content resource for industry executives, Luxury Society offers a global perspective on all things luxury with studies and features by in-house experts at DLG (Digital Luxury Group); curated news articles from leading media outlets; as well as in-depth interviews with business leaders.
Pen World
For over thirty years, Pen World has been the premier niche lifestyle magazine for fine writing instruments. We are a journal of writing culture and feature new pens at all price points, including vintage pens, fine papers, inks, accessories, reviews, and how-to guides. If it’s associated with pens, you’ll find it in Pen World.
Robb Report
Robb Report is luxury without compromise, attracting a discerning audience with a shared appreciation and desire for quality, artisanship, heritage, fine design, and exclusivity. With its finger on the pulse of the latest superlative products and experiences that today’s modern consumers seek, Robb Report is synonymous around the world with affluence, luxury, and the best of the best.
The Wealth Collection
ToyNews is the market leading toy industry magazine and website. We serve the toy trade – licensing, marketing, distribution, retail, toy wholesale, inventors and more, with a focus on editorial quality. We cover both the UK and international toy market.
World Newspapers - Crafts provides links to thousands of news sources covering every world's country and many of subjects.

International Trade Events
10times List - Arts & Crafts
10times List - Gems & Jewelry
10times List - Knitting & Stitching
10times List - Toys & Games
Big Boys Toys
Cadeaux Leipzig
China Toy Expo
Dresdner Ostern
International Travel Goods Show
Journées d'Octobre
The Toy Fair
TradeFairDates - Antiques
TradeFairDates - Crafts
TradeFairDates - Deco
TradeFairDates - Gem
TradeFairDates - Gems And Jewellery
TradeFairDates - Handicrafts 1
TradeFairDates - Handicrafts 2
TradeFairDates - Handicrafts & Gifts
TradeFairDates - Handwork
TradeFairDates - Hobby
TradeFairDates - Hobby Model Making
TradeFairDates - Leather Goods
TradeFairDates - Playthings
TradeFairDates - Toys & Games
TradeFairDates - Watches & Jewellery