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We have begun the process of creating Industry Groupings to facilitate partner and opportunity searches by activity rather than by country.
These initial 30 Groups will no doubt expand as we develop the Exporters Almanac in the future.

For each of these Industry profiles we provide:

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SIC: 15; 16; 17; 24; 52

Market Places:
Retrade Surplus Managment
Second hand vehicles, farm and forestry machinery, tools, construction machinery and other equipment used for construction

Business Networks & Online Markets
Products and services are categorized in Home furniture, Contract furniture and Construction and building materials.
Construction Information System, Building materials, safety systems, electricity, house equipment. Consultancy and architectural services
Engineering 360
Several products and services are traded within categories such as chemicals, IT, electronics, building and constructions, business services, engineering, education, etc.
Timber products (hardwood, softwood, tropical, pallet wood, veneer, panels, machinery)
Fordaq S.A., The Timber Network
Are you looking for new suppliers or clients for your wood products? You found the right place! All types of timber and wood (e.g. sawn timber, veneer, industrial timber, and tone wood), machinery, and contractor services
Timber and lumber products
Tradeworlds - Architectural
Tradeworlds - Building
Tradeworlds - Heating Systems
Timber, furniture, solid panels, plywood, veneer, blockboard, MDF & Fibreboard, Logs, Parquet, Floors, Wooden houses, Wooden toys, OSB, Europalets, Chipboard, etc.
Raw wood, sawn timber, semi-finished wood, finished wood products, furniture, services, tools and other related products, services and technology.
Hardwood, Softwood and Milled Lumber, Construction Lumber, Wood Components, Flooring, Plywood & Veneer, Logs, Engineered Wood Products and Wood Waste.

International Trade & Standards Organisations
APA - The Engineered Wood Association
A nonprofit trade association that works with its members to create structural wood products of exceptional strength, versatility and reliability.
Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE)
CECE is the recognized organization representing and promoting the European construction equipment and related industries, co-ordinating the views of National Associations and their members by influencing the European/National Institutions and other .....
Confederation of International Contractors' Associations
The mission of CICA is to serve, promote and enhance the image of the construction industry across the world.
European Cement Association
CEMBUREAU is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe.
European Construction Industry Federation
Represents and promotes the interests of the European construction industry towards the European Institutions while helping to increase knowledge of the sector among policymakers and the general public.
European Demolition Association (EDA)
Leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers
European Federation of Foundation Contractors
The European Federation of Foundation Contractors represents 17 European National Federations across Europe.
European International Contractors
As the collective voice of the internationally active European construction industry, EIC maintains a close dialogue with EU Institutions, International Financing Institutions, partner federations and civil society.
International Construction Information Society
ICIS is an association of organisations that provides national master specification systems, cost information systems, and/or building product information for the construction industry.
International Construction Law Association
ICLA works in bringing together all the families of law from around the globe and informing and debating comparatively on Construction Law issues.
International Council for Research and Inovation in Building and Construction
a world wide network of over 5000 experts from about 500 member organisations active in the research community, in industry or in education, who cooperate and exchange information in over 50 CIB Commissions covering all fields in building and construction

Industry Directories
Africa Business Pages
Africa Business Pages
Building - Ezilon
Building Materials - Ezilon
Building Materials - World of Manufacturers
Buildings - World of Manufacturers
Concrete Work - Manta
U.S. focused directory.
Construction And Maintenance - Ezilon
Construction Companies - US Business Database & Company Emali Addresses
Construction - Europe Bloombiz
Construction Real Estate - CompanyList
Construction Real Estate - Global Companies
Construction Real Estate Industry - Global Database
Construction Real EstateReal Estate - CompanyList
Constructions And Construction Services - Trade NOSIS
Construction - TradeBoss
Construction - Trade NOSIS
Heating And Air Conditioning Contractors - Manta
U.S. focused directory.
Lumber And Other Building Materials Dealers - Manta
U.S. focused directory.
Wood - Europe Bloombiz
Wood - TradeBoss

Industry News
For more than 170 years, Building has been an information pioneer for the construction industry, bringing unrivalled intelligence to the market through journalistic coverage, news, analysis and data.
Building Design & Construction
Leading in the field of building news reporting, Building Design & Construction Magazine is one of the most respected and referenced sources of building news, features, interviews, and thought leadership with sector-wide leading professionals, engineers, business owners and innovators.
Concrete Construction
Hanley Wood is the premier company serving the information, media and marketing needs of the residential, commercial design and construction industry and is a hub of business intelligence and data-driven insights.
Concrete Constuction
Hanley Wood is the premier company serving the information, media and marketing needs of the residential, commercial design and construction industry and is a hub of business intelligence and data-driven insights.
Construction Briefing
The Magazine for Europe's Construction Industry.
Construction Manager
Construction Review Online
Group Africa Publishing is a Pan African media house with an international character extending throughout the globe.
Construction Week Online
Costrucao Latino Americana
KHL Group is the leading supplier of international construction information in the world.
Engineering News-Record
Engineering News-Record provides the engineering and construction news, analysis, commentary and data that construction industry professionals need to do their jobs more effectively. ENR reports on the top design firms, both architects and engineers, and the top construction companies as well as projects in the United States and around the world.
Global Construction
Construction Global delivers high-class insight for the construction industry worldwide, bringing to bear the thoughts of key leaders and executives on the industry’s latest initiatives, innovations, technologies and trends.
Products and services for the Public Works industry. The main categories are Equipment and Machinery, IT, Materials and Components, and Supplies and Accessories.
The global magazine for architecture, art and design with natural stone.
Tunnels and Tunelling
Tunnels and Tunnelling International reaches a broad cross section of leading professionals, including Consultants, Engineers, Designers, Contractors and Manufacturers – with manufacturers broken down into Equipment (machinery and tools etc) and Materials (chemicals, concrete, linings etc). Main readership will be engineers and senior technical people in the industry.
WaterPower & Dam Construction
Launched in 1949, International Water Power & Dam Construction has established itself as the leading monthly international publication serving the needs of those involved in dam construction and the hydroelectricity industries. Independently published it offers a highly respected, unrivalled, in-depth, quality editorial to its readers.

International Trade Events
10times List - Building & Construction
Bau Muenchen
BuildExpo USA
Outdoor Design & Build
The Buildings Show
The Buildings Show provides an unforgettable experience as North America's largest event for products, services, educational programming and professional networking.
TradeFairDates - Air Conditioning Technology
TradeFairDates - Architectural
TradeFairDates - Building Construction 1
TradeFairDates - Building Construction 2
TradeFairDates - Building Materials
TradeFairDates - Building Services Engineering
TradeFairDates - Civil Engineering Tunnel Underground Works
TradeFairDates - Drilling Technologies
TradeFairDates - Flooring
TradeFairDates - Heating Technology
TradeFairDates - Heating Ventilation
TradeFairDates - Insulation Techniques
TradeFairDates - Interior Construction
TradeFairDates - Metal Construction
TradeFairDates - Plumbing
TradeFairDates - Refrigeration Air Conditioning
TradeFairDates - Road Construction Industry
TradeFairDates - Sewage Technology
TradeFairDates - Steel Construction
TradeFairDates - Stones & Minerals
TradeFairDates - Waste Disposal
UK Construction Week
World of Concrete