Trade Finance Sources

The natural source of trade finance is your house bank. However, these resources may provide you with an interesting alternative.

N.B. Although we indicate where an organisation is based, they will often consider requests from companies based in other countries.

Asia Pacific Countertrade Association
APCA is an independent service provider, consultant, facilitator and trainer in countertrade, offset and public-private partnership projects. We provide facilitation, advisory and training services.
Commercial Finance Association
The international trade association dedicated to the secured finance industry focusing on asset-based lending, factoring and supply chain finance industries world-wide.
FCI’s Vision is to be the Global Association for the Open Account Receivables Finance Industry.
International Factoring Association
The International Factoring Association's (IFA) goal is to assist the Factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and a resource for the Factoring community.

Market Finance
At MarketFinance, our vision is for entrepreneurs to have the time to build the world we all want to live in. That’s why we’re making it quick and easy to get funding through our invoice finance and business loans. So entrepreneurs can get on with growing their business, instead of having to worry about cash flow. We’re here to unlock the endless possibilities that arise when entrepreneurs have time to focus on what they love.
A financial advisory and brokerage firm that specializes in helping U.S. and overseas companies and financial institutions finance international transactions, better manage overseas risks and marketing related issues, and achieve their global potential.
Trade Finance Global
Trade Finance Global was established to help provide trade information and help signpost businesses to find the most appropriate form of funding. We have an established network of non-bank and bank funders, partners and support structures which can assist you in structuring a successful trade deal.

Multinational & Commercial Banks
Bank of London and The Middle East
We pride ourselves in being able to provide Sharia’a compliant financing solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.
International Finance Corporation
The IFC Global Trade Finance Program guarantees trade-related payment obligations of approved financial institutions. The program extends and complements the capacity of banks to deliver trade finance by providing risk mitigation on a per-transaction basis for more than 218 banks across 71 countries.
International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation
An autonomous entity within the Islamic Development Bank Group created with the purpose of advancing trade to improve the economic condition and livelihood of people across the Islamic world.
Created in 1970 to assist in the financing of U.S. exports by supplementing the financing available from commercial banks and other lenders.

Trade Finance Houses
Arab Trade Financing Program
The Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP) is a specialized multi Arab financial institution with a mission to promote Arab trade and to increase the competitive capabilities of the Arab producers and exporters. The site also lists national sources.
Asiafactor (CN) Co
A professional commercial factor and AR service provider in China.
Atlantic Risk Management Ltd
With operations in both London and Chicago, we work with many financial institutions across the globe, including Banks, Trade Finance Houses, Factors, Discounters, Asset Based Lenders, Private Equity Companies, Investment Bankers and Advisors.
Bibby Financial Services Ltd
We’re the UK’s largest independent invoice finance company and a trusted financial services partner to over 7,500 businesses in the country. Bibby Financial Services Group is a leading independent financial services partner to over 10,250 businesses worldwide, with over 40 operations in 13 countries spanning Europe, North America and Asia.
BNP Paribas Commercial Finance Ltd
BNP Paribas Commercial Finance is part of the BNP Paribas Factoring Group, the European market leader in invoice finance in terms of geographical coverage. We are a fully-fledged business present in 15 countries, including footprints in Asia and Africa, in the majority of which we hold a leading position.
Capitalflow Commercial Finance
Capitalflow Commercial Finance specialises in providing competitive, tailored and flexible financial solutions to integrate with your business investment. Our Invoice Finance Team consists of experienced decision-makers, who look beyond the numbers to the people and their businesses.
China International Finance
China International Finance (SINOIF) is a group enterprise engaged in comprehensive financial services for transactions.
Egypt Factors S.A.E.
With a clear focus on trade finance instruments Egypt Factors is committed to support and promote Egyptian cross-border trade, in terms of exports and imports as well as domestic trade.
Has operations in: Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, ,Morocco, Spain, Poland, Portugal abd The Netherlands. Part of Groupe Crédit Agricole.
Greensill is the market-leading provider of working capital finance for companies globally. We unlock capital so the world can put it to work. We provide Supply Chain Finance around the world, but we are about much more. Greensill uses the power of financial markets to unlock capital on terms that fit the needs of our clients, from 20 days to 20 years and beyond.
IFCI Factors Ltd.
IFCI Factors Limited (erstwhile Foremost Factors Limited) is a subsidiary of IFCI Limited, which is a leading financial institution of India.
Leumi ABL Ltd
Leumi ABL has extensive, proven experience in structuring effective Asset Based Lending solutions that support your business ambition – whether looking to refinance, restructure, support growth, make an acquisition, MBO’s and MBI’s.
Orbian is the world's leading Supply Chain Finance (SCF) company. Our innovative, six-sigma approach to SCF delivers significant benefits to our clients not available through any other SCF offering, whether provided by the world's leading financial institutions or technology provider.
P.T. IFS Capital Indonesia
“IFSI” is a multi-finance company with over 22 years of experience providing Factoring and Leasing services to Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.
SBI Global Factors Limited
SBI Global Factors Ltd (SBIGFL) is a subsidiary of the State Bank of India.
Siemens Financial Services Ltd
Siemens invoice discounting is a cash flow solution that can help businesses unlock the value of unpaid customer invoices, allowing effective management of working capital. Part of the A+ rated* worldwide Siemens Group.
Dynamic Discounting: Pay early, pay less. Release liquidity to all your suppliers for a risk-free return, while generating millions in cost savings and ensuring a healthy supply chain. Talk to us today about how we can create an invoicing and working capital program that helps you liberate your cash and addresses your entire supply chain.
Trade River
TradeRiver provides UK businesses with an unsecured line of revolving trade finance to fund purchases of goods or services within 24 hours, both worldwide and in the UK. Facilities can vary from £100,000 up to £5million or more.
UPS Capital
Nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS®. And while you’ve probably never thought of a UPS company for financing and insurance services, our global supply chain expertise uniquely positions us to help protect companies from risk and allows them to leverage cash in their supply chains. Insurance companies and banks can’t say that.

Trade Finance Platforms
We provide Financial Institutions with a Digital Lending Platform and Core Banking System that reacts to ever-changing banking IT environment.
Prime Revenue
Established in 2003, PrimeRevenue is the leader in working capital financial technology solutions. PrimeRevenue has the largest and most diverse global funding network of more than 100 funding partners. Supporting 30+ currencies on a single cloud-based, multi-lingual, cross-border network, PrimeRevenue facilitates a volume of more than $250 billion in payment transactions per year.
The same security & reliability with an injection of innovative technology. Our all-in-one Konsole streamlines communications between corporates and their banks, to generate speed and efficiency in your trade finance operations.